Keeping cool

March 16th, 2016 by Louise

Growing up in many different hot climates was something I did. There were days where it was stinking hot but you learn to live with it and suffer through it. Then one day my family and I moved into a new place that came with air conditioning Manchester. This was a dream come true and changed my life forever. It offered nights where I could sleep without sweating and come inside to a nice cold home after working in the sun for hours. It made life so much easier and offered a calming refreshing experience. The system itself too was very quiet and easy to maintain. All you do is punch the buttons on the switch to the temperature you would like and and then once every couple of months change the filter and your good to go. I highly recommend them for every house that has hot climates and humidity.

Well Done My Lovely

February 28th, 2016 by Louise

She’s standing before the audience. She’s taking her final bow as a high school senior drama student. Where has time gone? I have watched these plays for years now. It’s what I love doing most as her father.

It’s time for the curtain to close and as tradition goes, we fathers go up to our seniors after their last play production and we give them a bouquet. I can tell other fathers have just gone to the local store and gotten any old bouquet as you can see some of them haven’t been kept up that great. Not mine. Any other time I would be like those fathers, but today she gets the florist Harrogate bouquet as she isn’t little anymore. She deserves the best for the best she has become.

The Mesmerizing Sounds Of The Saxophone And Talent Of Playing

February 22nd, 2016 by Louise

The saxophone, a member of the woodwind instrument family, normally created of brass. The saxophone player Manchester, there has been many greats through the years. Since some of the earlier days of musicians playing saxophones, there have been many changes, beginning in the 40’s to today. Back then, some popular sax players, a slight uprising occurred, the restraint of the big band jazz began fluctuating from music easy to dance to trendy music, in the direction of more inspiring “musician’s music,” which before too long, became known as bebop. In the 50’s and 60’s, rhythm and blues were born, the Latin and gospel during this time had a significant influence.

In the 70’s a merging the amazing sounds of jazz, with the exciting sounds of rock, in the 80’s some of the many skilled well-known jazz players, performed more of smooth jazz. Then when the 90’s rolled around, and the 2000’s a majority of the jazz sax players, came back to more accustomed technique which stemmed back to the saxophone many distinguished players. The yesterday of the saxophone was created in the 1800’s by a Belgian instrument designer. The saxophone captured being admired in one of the uses it was created for, the military band.

The long-established saxophone quartet is composed of the soprano sax, the alto, highest range, the tenor and the baritone saxophone. In the early 1900’s to the 2000’s the saxophone has discovered escalated to new heights of popularity in the symphony orchestra. The beautifully crafted instrument has also proven to be a valuable backup to classification as extensive as opera and choral music.

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Found My Motivation and I Look Great!

February 21st, 2016 by Louise

Losing weight has been the hardest struggle of my life and I really struggle with motivation. It is so easy to be good about going to the gym and eating a healthy diet for a week. Then, something comes up and my motivation is lost.

I finally managed to shed some serious weight the past couple months and it’s all because I hired a thai massage Manchester. I was worried about the cost but I have found the investment in my health to be totally worth it. I knew that my trainer was expecting me to show up and meet him at the gym every day and he was going to quiz me on what I ate. I can’t lie to people so the pressure he placed on me kept me on the straight and narrow. I wish I had thought of hiring a trainer years ago!

Why I Choose To Recycle

January 14th, 2016 by Louise

One day while I was in the store shopping for silica sand, I came across an ad on the wall that talked about the importance of recycling. It talked about how recycling protects the environment by reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfills. It also talked about how recycling can benefit the economy.

I usually do not pay attention to the ads on the walls when I am shopping. However, on this particular day, I felt compelled to look at the ad. I am so glad that I did because my life has changed forever. I am now an avid supporter of recycling because I believe we all have to do our part to protect the environment. Not only do I recycle, but I have encouraged my family members and friends to do the same.


December 17th, 2015 by Louise

Saxophonist is not just for blues or jazz anymore. I know when you think of someone playing a saxophone you mostly think of a club. But not anymore. Think weddings. If your planning your very own wedding or helping someone plan a wedding, a wedding saxophonist is a great musician with great musical talents. Slow and sexy or upbeat and snappy or even a combination of both. They have an elegant beautiful sound that is quite unique and sure to be remembered as part of your special day. This type of music played at your wedding will always be remembered as part of your day. Its as special as you are. But yet not overpowering or overwhelming. You never want the music to outdo the bride. After it is her day.

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What’s that I hear you say?

December 16th, 2015 by Louise

Abby is an old friend of mine. I use the word “old” not only in referrence to the duration of our friendship, but also the length of time we’ve been on this planet.

Social events have always been enjoyable for us, but in the past few years things began to change. Her obvious hearing loss was making participation difficult. Slowly I became Abby’s “personal parrot”, repeatedly giving her instant replays of what she misunderstood.

Many times I urged her to have her hearing tested, but she stubbornly ignored my pleas. Finally she agreed. Of course she failed the test and was fitted with Stockport hearing aids.
We were both ecstatic with the results.

A few days later, after the initial excitement had worn off, Abby’s smiling face turned serious. She leaned toward me and said, “I am very concerned about you.” “Why do you keep repeating yourself?”

You guys won’t believe what happened to me today

December 15th, 2015 by Louise

It’s back-to-school season which means all the big box stores are running INSANE specials on office products. Not gonna lie, I look forward to this all year long, because I get to stock up for the office at home.

So I headed down to one, because they were offering reams of printer paper for $2 apiece and that’s cheap and, hey, I need it. If I picked up a composition book because of nostalgia along the way, well, that’s between me and my wallet. Besides, they were like fifty cents apiece.

Anyway, I was in there for like, maybe ten minutes? If that. And when I came out my car had been broken into — the passenger-side window was all bashed in! My insurance probably won’t cover it, too, the jerks.

But here’s the kicker. There are Bolton CCTV cameras all over the parking lot, right? Except they told me that none of them actually work and are there as a deterrent! Some deterrent, I’m down a car window and my CD collection.

Thanks a bunch, jerks who stole my late-90′s music collection.